At Bee Tee Traders, we offer a wide range of machineries which caters to different industries and applications. Automobile, Die & Mould Manufactures, Aerospace, Medical Equipments, Textile Machinery, Diamond & Jewellery Industry, Allied Machinery, Plastic Processing Machinery, Defense, Printing, Engineering are a few of the major industries which we provide our machineries to. The machineries can be used for applications such as drilling holes, staking, riveting, installing and removing bearings, press fit work, cutting, shaping, sharpening etc.

These machineries can be mounted on a work bench, wall or can can also be pedestal. Along with that, these machineries have an operational life with trouble-free functioning. Manufactured out of best raw materials, they have rigid structure and are manufactured after numerous quality checks. The range of machineries with us are from the best manufacturers and comes with salient features such as rust proof, durable, low on maintenance and high on reliability.

These machineries can be applied on various surfaces and materials such as concrete, rocks, heavy duty metals, plastics, wood and glass. Bench Grinder, Polisher, Pillar & Radial Drilling Machine, Arbor Press, Flypress, Motorized Blower, Magnetic Drilling Machine, Manual Drill Stand and Shearing Machine are the machineries we provide.

Arbor Press
Fly Press Machine
Motorised Air Bowler
Motorised Cutoff Machine
Pillar Drill Machine
Radial Drill Machine
Bench Polisher
Flexible Shaft Grinder
Bench Grinder
Chain Pulley Blocks
Hand Shearing Machine
Magnetic Drill Machine

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To set an Industry standard, which is truly International. Provide products of all the world class brands to Indian market.

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Our mission is to provide operational efficiency and henceforth maximum productivity through world class products and brands.

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