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Grease Buckets, manufactured from the finest grade raw materials, meets every international specifications and standards. These grease buckets are high in demand in automotive industry catering to various applications. Specially designed to work on hard and tough conditions, grease buckets are used in industry, farm, workshop, construction industries. Available in various specifications, it is used to give a particular amount of grease for a component. Offered at a very reasonable price, we have Oil Pumps, Hand Operated Grease Bucket, Pneumatic Operated Grease Buckets available at Bee Tee Traders. As per the client requirement on size, we provide various quantity specified Grease Buckets.

  • Oil Pump
  • Hand Operated Grase Bucket
  • pneumatic Operated


Oil Pump
Single Cylinder, Portable, Static Drum type with cover
0.1 litre
3.5 kg cm sq
Double Rayon braided hose
5/20 litres
Oil Pump: This model can be mounted on a standard 200 kg oil drum. The pump can deliver upto 14 litres of oil per minute at a pressure of 35 kgf/cm sq. A compensating vessel at the outlet of the unit reduces fluctuations in the oil output. A bung adaptor is provided to fix the pump to the barrel top and a hose reel can be connected to the deliver side of the pump if required.

Hand Operated Grase Bucket

Grease Bucket
Single Cylinder, Portable. Static Drum type with over
3 gms
140 kg/cm sq
Wire Braided, Oil Resistant, High Pressure Horse
5/10/20 kg
High Pressure Grease Pump: Installed on 2 Wheels of easy portability, this model handles any grade, with a working ratio of 50:1.
The air-operator grease pump can be directly mounted on a standard 200 kg barrel of any oil company, using the follower plate and drum cover. The pump can deliver 300 to 400 gms of grease per minute. The host real can be connected to the deliver side of the unit if required. Capable of developing a block pressure of 425 kgf/ cm sq, the pump has a working ratio of 50:1.

pneumatic Operated

Pneumatically Operated   Grase Pump Oil Pump Oil Transfer Pump
Pressure Ratio   50:1 3:5:1 1:1
Output at 8.5 Kg/cm2 lpm - 14 20-25
Output at 8.5 Kg/cm2 gms 300-400 - -
Working Pressure ranges of air kg/cm2 4.5-10.5 4.5-10.5 4.5-10.5
Recomanded Working pressure kg/cm2 8.5 8.5 8.5
Normal blocked pressure at 8.5 .5 Kg/cm2 kg/cm2 425   -
Air Requirements (FAD) lpm   325 325
Drum Capacity Kg/ltrs 15/25/50/200 50/200 200
Test Data
Test Data

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