To describe an abrasive in general terms, it is a material, that is used to shape or finish a workpiece through the process of rubbing which leads to part of the workpiece being worn away by friction. While finishing a material often means polishing it to gain a smooth, reflective surface, the process can also involve roughening as in satin, matte or beaded finishes. Abrasives is an unavoidable material which is commonly used in applications including grinding, polishing, cutting, honing, drilling, sanding, sharpening, lapping and buffing. Areas of application include industrial, technology and domestic applications.

These abrasives are commonly used in processes like cylindrical grinding, precision castings, automotive manufacturing, metal fabrication, furniture and custom wood, maintenance, and many more. Abrasive wheels, abrasive discs, coated abrasives, polishing wheels, flap wheels, flap discs, bonded abrasives, abrasive belts, abrasive rolls, grinding discs, sanding disc etc are a few of the abrasives which are available at Bee Tee Traders. BOSCH, Dewalt, Hitachi, Makita, Ideal, Xtrapower, Tailin, Grindwell Norton Ltd, Norton, 3M, Dura-Kut, Cumi, Saint-Gobain are the major international brands for abrasives we deal with.

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